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Practical, automated, and efficient purification to enable high speed solution phase synthesis.

FORMA’s Parallel High Throughput Synthesis Unit in Branford, Conn., provides us with the potential to perform medicinal chemistry at an extremely accelerated pace.

Lead optimization requires highly pure chemical entities for reliably determining the relationship between structure and activity as well as pharmacological and biological properties. Advantages of our solution phase synthesis methods include an extensive catalog of optimized and documented solution-phase reactions, ready access to protecting groups or reagents, a broad range of organic reactions using various support materials, and the ability to rapidly monitor product identity and purity by chromatographic and spectroscopic methods throughout the reaction process. The primary limitation of solution phase parallel synthesis has centered on purification of the desired compound. To overcome this common bottleneck, we have established practical, automated, and efficient purification methodologies to enable high speed solution phase synthesis.

We have complemented this capability by establishing full in vitro ADMET and physical property profiling, having a capacity of over 1,000 compounds per week.